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In 2018 CRT began a partnership with the Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC) to ensure that its regional programs to help shape quality growth continues. GNRC provides administrative and technical support to CRT. 

Shelly Hazle, a senior policy advisor at GNRC, serves as managing director of CRT. 

Prior to joining GNRC, Shelly spent 10 years at the national non-profit Smart Growth America, which helps communities across the nation improve their livability, prosperity, and sustainability. During her time at SGA, she helped lead a technical assistance program that worked with governors and state administrators to develop policy solutions to transportation, housing, and urban planning challenges. 

At GNRC, Shelly works on a variety of issues, including solid waste planning, housing, sustainability, and transportation. In addition, she serves as a liaison, growing GNRC’s relationships with governments and organizations across the region.

A native Kentuckian, Shelly lives in Nashville and is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. 

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