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Help Connect Downtown - Give your input

Help Connect Downtown prioritize solutions to address Downtown Nashville's transportation challenges by giving your feedback. Visit the Connect Downtown website and navigate to the surveys at the end of the "High-Impact Solutions" and "An Action Plan for Everyone" sections.

Connect Downtown is an ambitious yet realistic 10-year action plan to guide Nashville in funding and implementing projects and programs that meet the mobility needs of Downtown and our region. This plan brings all our transportation modes and functions into a cohesive system, including new and emerging technology.

Connect Downtown is a joint project of the Nashville Department of Transportation (NDOT), WeGo Public, the Nashville Downtown Partnership, and the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to improve mobility and address traffic congestion in the downtown core.

This effort will identify projects, programs, and policies to better manage Downtown’s increasing congestion and make it easier for people to get around by all modes of transportation. Traffic and curbside management strategies; transit improvements; walking, rolling, and biking projects; and Vision Zero safety strategies are being researched. The goal is to support both current and future Nashvillians, planning for growth and ensuring that Nashville remains a great destination.

The Connect Downtown project has entered into the third phase of community outreach and will continue through April 2023. During this phase of outreach, feedback from the public on the specific solutions that have been identified to help shape the final recommendations for Connect Downtown. These priority solutions include priority loading areas, transit priority corridors, mobility lanes, and traffic operations and congestion management strategies to improve mobility for everyone in Nashville.

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