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CRT honors longtime supporters

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

CRT's two decades of success is due to the hard work and dedication of many people. In September CRT held a reception to show the organization's appreciation for those that have supported our efforts. Three longtime supporters, who helped launch CRT were honored. Steve Turner, Keith Simmons, and Eleanor Willis were recognized for the time and guidance they have given CRT over the years.

Photo 1: Gary Scott, Deborah Varallo, Keith Simmons, Marion Fowlkes, Margot Fosnes

Photo 2: Gary Scott, Seab Tuck, Carol Hudler, Eleanor Willis, Marion Fowlkes

Photo 3: Bob Murphy, Justin Lowe, Seab Tuck

Photo 4: Lynn Maddox, Paul Stumb, Deborah Brewington

Photo 5: Paul Stumb, Keith Simmons, Sam Hatcher

Photo 6: Susan Marlow, Charles Bone, Cherie Akers, Robbie Hayes

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