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We facilitate the conversation on growth and development in the region.

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Building great communities.


Improving mobility.

Green Farm

Protecting our environment.

 how we work


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We facilitate.

We facilitate the regional conversation on growth and development through our events.

We inform.

We share best practices through our events, projects, blog, news roundup, and other outreach.


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We collaborate.

We collaborate with other non-profits, local governments, the state of Tennessee, and private organizations.


Quality Growth Toolbox

Hay Barrels

Farm & Natural Lands Study

The study examines the value of farm & natural lands in the region, quantifying the range of benefits.

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Report to the Region

A look into how well the region has managed to guide its growth and the challenges to come.


Quality Growth County Showcase

A showcase of the work on quality growth being conducted across the region.

Implementation Planning

Quality Growth Toolbox

A toolbox that has helped community leaders across the region create long-term plans.

We work to build great communities.

Our region's communities are its heart.


They are the places that we live, raise our families, work, go to school, and play. 

How our communities are built and how they grow and develop affects every aspect of our lives -- what types of housing is available, how we get around, what jobs are present, the educational options we have, and the spaces we have to recreate. 

By 2045, our region is projected to grow by more than 50 percent. Those additional 1 million people will make the Nashville region larger than the present-day Denver MSA,

The decisions we make today will determine what that coming growth looks like and how it impacts the daily lives of residents. Will we choose to protect our open space and working lands? Will we invest in the vitality of our cities and towns? To ensure we don't allow sprawl to destroy what we love about our region, we must champion the types of development and infrastructure that bring not only economic benefits, but quality-of-life and environmental benefits as well. 


We work to improve mobility.

Across our region transportation is a significant issue. The time we spend traveling eats into time with our families, is bad for our health, and takes a financial toll.


With a growing population, we can't keep relying on our current system. And, unfortunately, we can't simply build our way out of traffic congestion. Widened highways and new roads quickly fill right back up. 

We must think beyond trying to fix congestion to a more holistic approach to increasing mobility options. This means implementing new approaches to transportation planning, such as better coordinating land use and transportation; increasing the availability of high-quality transit service; creating redundancy, resiliency and connectivity within their road networks; and ensuring connectivity between pedestrian, bike, transit, and road facilities.


We work to protect our environment.

How our cities and towns develop can have a huge impact on our environment.

Development can directly affect natural lands, waterways, and wildlife habitat. 


Implementing smart growth principles can minimize air and water pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, encourage cleanup and reuse of contaminated properties, and preserve natural lands. 


Encouraging compact development, reducing impervious surfaces, safeguarding environmentally sensitive areas, mixing land uses (e.g., homes, offices, and shops), promoting public transit, and improving pedestrian and bicycle amenities are all tactics that can lessen the impact of development. 

Green Farm
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