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We facilitate the conversation on growth and development in the region.

where we work

Sumner | Robertson | Rutherford | Williamson | Wilson

Cheatham | Davidson | Dickson | Maury | Montgomery


Building great communities.


Improving mobility.

Green Farm

Protecting our environment.

 how we work


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We facilitate.

We facilitate the regional conversation on growth and development through our events.

We inform.

We share best practices through our events, projects, blog, news roundup, and other outreach.


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We collaborate.

We collaborate with other non-profits, local governments, the state of Tennessee, and private organizations.


Farms & Natural Lands Initiative

Hay Barrels

Farm & Natural Lands Study

The study examines the value of farm & natural lands in the region, quantifying the range of benefits.

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Report to the Region

A look into how well the region has managed to guide its growth and the challenges to come.


Quality Growth County Showcase

A showcase of the work on quality growth being conducted across the region.

Implementation Planning

Quality Growth Toolbox

A toolbox that has helped community leaders across the region create long-term plans.

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