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As a lifelong middle Tennessee resident, I want to see the great quality of life in middle Tennessee that I have experienced continue for my own children. The growth and opportunity that middle Tennessee currently enjoys presents many infrastructure challenges where I see CRT can make a positive impact. Traffic management and planning is definitely an important challenge among many.


Price Thompson

Wilson Co.

Price joined Wilson Bank & Trust in 2021, becoming the organization's first General Counsel. Prior to joining Wilson Bank, Price practiced at a law firm in Lebanon for 14 years. Over his career he also worked in Washington DC on Capitol Hill, clerked for a federal magistrate judge in downtown Nashville for two years, and practiced for a law firm in downtown Nashville for five years.

Price is active in his community, serving on the board of the Wilson County Community Foundation. When he's not attending his children's games and other extracurricular activities, he likes to follow Wake Forest sports and attend concerts. Originally from Hartsville, TN, Price is a graduate of Wake Forest University and Vanderbilt Law School.

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