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CRT is an important forum to bring stakeholders together to discuss urban and regional issues/challenges. Middle Tennessee is experiencing tremendous growth. With this growth, we expect to see several regional challenges emerging across the region. CRT can play critical role in identifying, producing and disseminating information about the regional challenges and issues. As a chairholder in the Jennings and Rebecca Jones Chair of Excellence in Urban and Regional Planning, I am very much interested in becoming a part of this organization to facilitate a dialogue among stakeholders on the urban and regional planning.


Murat Arik

Rutherford Co.

Events Committee

Murat Arik is currently chairholder of the Jennings and Rebecca Jones Chair of Excellence in Urban and Regional Planning at Middle Tennessee State University. He is also director of the Business and Economic Research Center (BERC) and associate professor of Management. His primary research areas include regional economic development and competitive dynamics. He is on the board of the Institute for Global Business Research and editor emeritus of its Global Journal of Accounting and Finance and co-editor of its Global Journal of Management and Marketing. He is author of the textbook Economic Impact or Contribution (Lexington Books) and co-author of Understanding and Analyzing Competitive Dynamics (Lexington Books). Arik earned his MA from Syracuse University, PhD in Political Science at the University of Connecticut, and a PDBP in Management and Marketing from Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida. Murat lives in Murfreesboro his wife, Hulya, an economist at Tennessee Housing Development Authority. He has two adult sons: Batu Arik, is sophomore at University of Tennessee, Knoxville; and Berat Arik is graduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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