The economic value of open space in the Cumberland Region

In 2018 CRT partnered with University of Tennessee's Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy to explore the value of the region's open space, including natural and working lands. The study found that taken together, these lands generate over $5.2 Billion in salaries every year from 177,900 jobs. It also found that natural and workings lands increased property values by $15 Billion, generated $3 Billion in eco-systems services, and dramatically lowered our health care costs by more than $400 Million per year.



Report to the Region Update 2016: Regional Growth Pressures

CRT commissioned Fregonese to revisit the ten-county region, looking at 2015 data from ten counties to see how well the region has managed to guide its growth. In June 2016, Fregonese presented his data. Groups of nearly 100 regional leaders, including planning and economic development professionals, architects, engineers, farmers, government officials, conservationists, and CRT board members reviewed the information and provided valuable feedback, data and insights. This is a summary of the key findings and the discussions around them.



2016 Quality Growth County Showcase

Cumberland Region Tomorrow, working with its many partners, recognizes six issues of regional importance. An improvement in any one of these priority areas is a step toward quality growth.




Report to the Region Update 2016: Fregonese PowerPoint





Quality Growth Toolbox

Cumberland Region Tomorrow's award winning Quality Growth Toolbox contains Tennessee's premier Quality Growth Strategies, Best Practices, and Tools for addressing local and regional growth issues. 



Report to the Region

From 2001 to 2003, Cumberland Region Tomorrow engaged more than 500 residents in Middle Tennessee to define a vision for the future growth of our region. The "Report to the Region" was published to help define different growth related choices and expected outcomes for our region's future. Efforts of the Regional Visioning Project produced information that is still used to understand our growth and planning opportunities today.